The Value of a Perfect Enterprise Data Strategy

There can be no doubt that data is a common global buzz word. Continuous industry evolution driven by digital transformation efforts have given a new meaning to the concept of ‘data’ across enterprises, forcing every company to create a data strategy to succeed in business. 

Once upon a time, data meant statistics and numbers. Today, data covers all of the information across your business, from the apps that you run, to your internal business processes, to those numbers that were considered data before. And the more complex businesses become, the more software they use and processes they put in place, the more data they accumulate.

The heart of any organisation’s success lies in how that data is used and managed. This has seen every business in the world trying to find an effective data strategy, or Enterprise Data Management plan, often without even realising it.

What is Enterprise Data Management?

An Enterprise Data Management, or EDM, strategy takes a holistic approach to effectively managing a business’ data. When data is held in silos across a variety of different applications and departments, it becomes inaccessible and amounts to nothing more than letters and numbers that go unused. But with a data strategy, your data is gathered and consolidated, helping you to manage information across your business, analyse processes, and make better decisions, faster.

What Does an Enterprise Data Management Strategy from OTT Involve?

When you work with Omnitell Tech to put together an EDM strategy for your business, there are a number of different areas that we look at and aim to improve:

  • Framework and Architecture
  • Governance
  • Data Conflicts
  • Flow Across Applications

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