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Today you can leverage cloud, AI, IoT and mobile tech to achieve new frontiers in your business. With over a century of combined experience we’ve helped organizations of all sizes to take their business to the next level.

During Covid-19

Accelerate your IT Rollout

How are you going to rollout your IT project during Covid-19?

Self-isolation and lock-downs in many countries present the opportunity to utilise this unusual time to implement IT projects.

OTT Global Delivery will provide highly skilled resources that will remotely assist delivering your platform.

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With over a century of combined experience, we help organizations across all industries to achieve their goals through Cloud, AI, IIoT and mobile technologies. With our network of local offices, companies and partners we cover Africa, Middle East, India, Latin America and USA.

We provide solutions for lines of business such as:














Every industry has its own peculiarities and when it comes to products “one size fits all” it’s not the most advantageous approach. For example, the way talents are scouted and nurtured in a Mining company, it’s not the same as it’s done in a robotics organization or a bank.


In the old days, projects were delivered with a hierarchical structure and a linear reporting line. This approach was practical and it got work done but it wasn’t efficient nor fast to execute. The better way of managing projects sees faster interactions between team members where the same individual can be helping a certain team leader on a specific task but also be a team leader for other priorities. This also allows for a better exchange of knowledge.


At Omnitell Tech we expand and complement our offering through participation in third-party companies with a high professional value that allows us to achieve greater territorial coverage, supervision of specific expertise as well as vertical markets.

What Can You Expect

Our goal is to maximise the resources you have at your disposal to align your people, finance, sales and operations to your goals. Some times a goal can be to increase market share, in other instances saving lives.


Omnitell Tech News

Omnitell Tech launches a dynamic, modern, inspiring brand

Omnitell Tech launches a dynamic, modern, inspiring brand

Omnitell Tech (OTT), the company that brings “The Digital Technology of Tomorrow, Today”, has launched its dynamic brand.
Enabling Tech, Innovative Tech, Digital Tech, Future Tech – are all the innovative, modern and inspiring elements that Onmintell Tech represents through its brand.

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OTT Network expands NetSuite delivery capabilities with Moneta

OTT Network expands NetSuite delivery capabilities with Moneta

MONETA is one of the top Oracle NetSuite partners in the region of a full scope of services, including Implementation, Maintenance and Support, Design and Customization, Health Check, and Training for all sized organizations. Since its establishment, MONETA has helped tens of fast-growing companies leverage NetSuite. Keeping in mind that every business is unique and has its own challenges MONETA provides the tailored solutions on Oracle NetSuite for clients with its in-depth experience in specific industries including Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Engineering & Construction, and IT & Services.

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Omnitell Tech expands its market reach opening OTT Turkey

Omnitell Tech expands its market reach opening OTT Turkey

Omnitell Tech International continues the global expansion. OMNİTELL TECH BİLİŞİM HİZMETLERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, with Offices in Istanbul has been established. Omnitell Tech will expand in Turkey with services and solutions, as well as grow the OTT Network with new partners from Turkey to serve the global market. 

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