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Today you can leverage cloud, AI, IoT and mobile tech to achieve new frontiers in your business. With over a century of combined experience we’ve helped organizations of all sizes to take their business to the next level.


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With over a century of combined experience, we help organizations across all industries to achieve their goals through Cloud, AI, IoT and mobile technologies. With our network of local offices, companies and partners we cover Africa, Middle East, India, Latin America and USA.

31 Countries

Global Foot Print with over a century of combined experience we've helped organisations of all sizes take their business to the next level.

1200+ Consultants

As a leader in digital transformation, OTT is the partner that they trust to, provide the best guidance throughout their journey.

63 Companies in the group

We’ve worked with leading entrepreneurs to focus on providing new businesses and start-ups with the technology they need to expand on their ideas.

 $21M+ Revenue 2020

$16M+ Revenue In 2020

Started in March 2019, Omnitell Tech’s founders looked at the emerging Information and Communication Technology market and saw potential for innovation and growth through acquisition.

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