Optimise Your Profit with Value Chain Analysis

No business ever wants to run at a loss. Even Non-Profit Organisations want to ensure that processes are adding value to their businesses rather than hindering them. For almost every company, profit is the bottom line. And ensuring that your processes, technologies and assets are optimising value is key to your success. To truly understand your company’s financial position, consumer and customer base, processes and organisational strategies, you need to perform a value chain analysis. What is a Value Chain Analysis? Analysing value means looking at the processes across your business over each of the stages of delivery with the goal of reducing costs and optimising profit. Because value chain analysis is such a detailed process, it needs to be looked at from multiple angles. This means that it will provide a complete assessment of your business, from internal activities, to customer facing processes. It highlights the areas where improvements can be made, costs can be cut, and value can be expanded. How can OTT’s Tech Advisory help? As part of OTT’s Tech Advisory, we look at value chains for businesses, and identify areas and activities that will have the greatest impact for your company, improving overall profitability and efficiency. We look at all areas of your business including:
  • Current status of the business
  • Business Partners
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Possible and Potential risks
  • Non-value-adding elements
  • Scalability of Supply-Chain
  • Evaluate Changes and Plan of Action
  • KPIs: Baseline, Standards and Goals
To truly optimise your productivity, contact OTT’s Tech Advisory to arrange a value chain analysis today.

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