Business Technology Roadmap Solutions For Your Modern Business

Technology drives business around the globe. Having the right technologies in place that grow with your business and help you reach your goals is essential to success. That’s why an IT & Technology Roadmap is the heart of any business. What is a Technology Roadmap? An IT or Technology roadmap is a plan or strategy […]

Optimise Your Profit with Value Chain Analysis

No business ever wants to run at a loss. Even Non-Profit Organisations want to ensure that processes are adding value to their businesses rather than hindering them. For almost every company, profit is the bottom line. And ensuring that your processes, technologies and assets are optimising value is key to your success. To truly understand […]

The Value of a Perfect Enterprise Data Strategy

There can be no doubt that data is a common global buzz word. Continuous industry evolution driven by digital transformation efforts have given a new meaning to the concept of ‘data’ across enterprises, forcing every company to create a data strategy to succeed in business.  Once upon a time, data meant statistics and numbers. Today, […]

Why an IT Assessment is Essential For Your Business

Are you using the right technologies to help your business achieve its goals? Technology can make or break your business. The right tech will give you a competitive edge. The wrong tech will go unused and end up costing the earth without adding value. Which makes it essential for you to be using the right […]

Why You Need Business Process Reengineering

These days it’s not enough for your company to follow the crowd. It’s time for you to think of new business strategies that can give you a competitive edge. It’s time for you to think of Business Process Re-engineering. The industry has seen major shifts over the years as a result of changing market trends […]

8 Key Areas to Consider For International Business Management

Taking a business global has never been easier than in this modern, digital economy. International business management — maintaining your standards and brand across multiple branches — now that’s another story! It’s easy to appeal to and accommodate a global clientele. But when you have multiple branches across the world, ensuring that every customer has […]

COVID-19 proves the value of GDC (Global Delivery Centres)

COVID-19 impact on GDS and GDC operations As we speak, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on business, leaving many losers and very few winners. The good news for the global business services (GBS) sector is that, by and large, service organisations around the globe have been able to rely on their effective contingency plans and agile […]