Why You Need Business Process Reengineering

These days it’s not enough for your company to follow the crowd. It’s time for you to think of new business strategies that can give you a competitive edge. It’s time for you to think of Business Process Re-engineering.

The industry has seen major shifts over the years as a result of changing market trends and consumer behaviour patterns. From planning to execution, to acquiring resources, making deployments, and defining needs and strategies. 

During this long journey, a wide range of transformations have taken place bringing changes in industry operations and business. Now, transformation is the digital trend. It’s driven by a rise in technology advancements, especially in the form of high-end equipment and smart devices. 

And, that’s where Business Process Reengineering comes in!

What is Business Process Reengineering?

Business Process Re-engineering, also known as BPR, is an approach that organisations adopt to bring overall transformation in their methodology. It’s a change in the way you operate and manage your business, prioritising efficiency and modern processes. Sometimes it can involve a complete overhaul and rebuilding of formal procedures, or it could mean applying simple changes to existing processes that have a big impact on efficiency and productivity.

Putting a Business Process Reengineering strategy helps you:

  • Minimise lead time
  • Improve quality & customer support
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Improve your management style
  • Enhance corporate strategy
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimise performance
  • Automate processes
  • See higher value for your existing technology

Why don’t more companies use BPR?

BPR is crucial to organisational growth. But most businesses still believe that reengineering is limited to critical business applications and upgrades. This means that they often leave BPR to the last possible moment in an effort to minimise its impact on existing processes. This places an extra burden on the process, both in terms of time constraints and cost, as you find yourself needing to apply transformation quickly before systems begin to fail.

With the right partner by your side, however, you can start to implement a BPR strategy across your business. As part of OTT’s Tech Advisory, we help you develop a systemic approach to reengineering that engages the infrastructure of your different systems. This means focussing on the areas that will have the most positive impact, and will cause the least disruption, enhancing your operations, prioritising efficiency, and boosting productivity.

Contact us today to find out the impact that Business Process Reengineering can have on your business.

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