A one-stop managed technology solution

Managed technology for all your business needs, from Sales to HR, to Finance and beyond, with 24/7 global support

Your time is valuable. Why waste it running from one company to the next?

Managed technology

When you use one company for your payroll software, another for your Customer Relationship Management and a third for your infrastructure, it can be hard to get the support that your business needs. Without a managed technology solution, you can easily find yourself contacting suppliers all day without getting any work done.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single point of contact for all your business needs?

Managed technology solutions for every team

That’s where OTT steps in. We work with a wide range of Vendors, including Microsoft, SAP, Infor, Oracle, Netsuite and Unit 4, who specialise in innovative technology solutions that work across your business. From Sales solutions, to HR systems, to Finance tech and beyond. We help you find the right technology for the challenges that your business faces. We are your go-to for managing all the solution technologies that your company needs. When you use our managed technology, you can trust that we’ll find the perfect solution.

Benefits of using OTT Vendor Solutions

Managed technology across your company

Effortlessly embrace digital transformation

Get the best advice for your business

Access a vast and experienced network of experts

Invest in your digital future