With the transforming world of technology, cloud services are becoming the key to business success. Many firms are shifting to the SaaS cloud services to add innovative value to their products. However, the question is; How can you add value to your SaaS products? Above all, what pricing for SaaS choice should you make?

Pouring blood and sweat is not enough to bring in the best. Communicating value and adding budget-friendly features is also crucial to SaaS success and elevate growth. Moreover, if you don’t know how to set prices and what is required to make packages worth buying, you are leaving huge revenue on the table.

Most importantly, you should know that customers look for cost-effective products along with the best architecture, promising customization, and best features, while the cloud provider’s goal is to maximize their revenue. To satisfy the requirements and wishes of both parties, optimal SaaS pricing is the best option to pursue with.

4 steps in process of pricing for SaaS

If you want to get valuable advantages over the competitors and unlock sustainability, these steps need serious consideration.


Just as yourself the question: What are the obstacles getting in the way of you growing? Then, take a deep breadth once you have taken in the question and get the answers that are valuable to you. However, problems range far and wide, you have to let it sink in.


After finding an issue, find out the cause of whatever is happening. Most of the SaaS companies avoid this step because it is time-consuming and asks for back-and-forth deep discussions or they think they already know the answer.


To get the best long-term pricing for SaaS strategy, test out the data-driven experiments to prove your hypothesis right and get to work. This step requires attention, proper consideration, and effort in order to maximize growth.


After a long journey and experimentation, set up the bundle of accessible features and implement the prices. Also, don’t forget to give a second look at your prices.

Why is it important to follow SaaS pricing process?

To unlock fresh growth, it is very important to follow these 4 steps in the pricing for SaaS process. As result, it adds customer satisfaction factors and SaaS growth rate increases.

Provide value for customers

Your customers are always looking for communicating value in your products. That’s why it is important to set value-based pricing for SaaS instead of checking out your business costs and competitor’s pricing strategies.

Unlock growth optimization

Growing and returning customers are the basic pillar of a company. However, there are numerous companies who worked on monetization and found it more effective than acquisition.

Strengthens your SaaS unit economics

Undoubtedly, your company’s successful revenue depends upon the customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). You’ll never be able to grow when your LTV rate will be lower than your CAC.

Closing thoughts

As customers only pay for the power they use and the storage space they require, an effective strategy of pricing for SaaS products should be, above all, flexible. Likewise, if there is changing required, incur the budget-friendly and customer-oriented rates.

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