Digital security

Your data is your business. OTT’s digital security solution offers everything you need to protect your information in today’s digital economy.

A Document Management System to Streamline Your Operations

Cybercity Digital Security

A Digital Security Solution for a Digital Economy

Protect your business with OTT’s Cybercity digital security solution. In this digital economy, your data is your business. Keeping it safe means protecting it against both theft and failure.

By using Cybercity, you are putting your digital security first. Keeping your systems, networks, hardware, software and information secure and uncorrupted. Cybersecurity threats are advancing every single day. They are finding new ways to infiltrate businesses. Stay on top of these threats. Ensure that your data remains uncompromised with a world-class digital security solution that ensures your data safety.


Access Control

Make sure that the right people have access to the information and tools that they need at the right time. All without compromising your data security.

Keep Your Data Encrypted

Your data could be in the process of being transferred. It might already be saved on your cloud server. Rest assured that your data is securely encrypted and safe from prying eyes, no matter what.

Keep Your Data Compliant

Regulations like GDPR and POPI have been put in place to protect personal data. Focus on digital security and ensure all your business data is safely stored and encrypted. This can see avoiding the fines that come with compliance breaches.


Keep your data secure

Control access to your company information

Detect and prevent cyber attacks

Keep your information compliant with regulations