Business Document Management

Enhance productivity and boost efficiency by using a document management system to streamline your operations. OTT’s document management system is the perfect tool for refining your processes and embracing automation to bring the data you need to your fingertips.

A Document Management System to Streamline Your Operations

A Document Management System to Streamline Your Operations

Document management system

Optimise your business functions with OTT’s Business Document Management. Let Omnitell Tech help your company refine processes and embrace automation. Archive and integrate your business and legal documents with our document management system.

View and manage important documents on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Consolidate your documentation to ensure that the right people have access to the information that they need, all at their fingertips.


Data Visualisation

See your data in the most meaningful ways with visual customisation, from standard and dependent views to subsets and interactive charts.


High-speed execution and high-performance workflow mean that your common tasks and processes can be automated, saving you time and letting you focus your efforts on reaching your business goals.


Consolidate information

Boost efficiency

Enhance productivity

Bring your documentation online

Easily analyse your business data