Hybrid Workforces Robotic Process Automation Tools

Leverage the technology at your disposal to maximise data, automate processes, and find sustainable solutions for your sustainable business.

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Take the Robot Out of Your People

It’s a well-documented fact that people who are more engaged with and inspired by the work that they do, do more work than their simply satisfied counterparts. It’s also a well-known fact that these people are hard to find! Can the answer be found in Robotic Process Automation Tools? When you work with Hybrid Workforces, the answer is yes.

  • An engaged employee is 45% more productive than a satisfied employee.
  • An inspired employee is 55% more productive than an engaged employee.
  • This makes an inspired employee 125% more productive than a satisfied one.
  • Engaged employees make up about 21% of the workforce.
  • Inspired employees make up less than 10% of the workforce.
  • 66% of employees are only satisfied, or even dissatisfied, with their jobs.

So, as a business you need to ask yourself what it is that you can do to enhance your employees’ positions. Encourage them to love the work they do and it will inspire them to be more productive because of it.

Manual Processes Rather Than Automation Tools Reduce Satisfaction and Increase Error

Even the most modern of businesses often have unnecessarily manual tools and processes in place that their teams rely on for getting work done. These systems are often repetitive, slow, and hamper efficiency. They not only have a negative impact on employee satisfaction, but can cause bottlenecks, slowing processes down and leading to lower quality with more human error. Steps get skipped, mistakes get overlooked, and at the end of the day, you are dealing with an inferior product AND dissatisfied staff.

Leverage Your Existing Technology

Almost every company in the world is using technology in their day-to-day operations. But how many of them are truly embracing all that their technology has to offer. Hybrid Workforces works together with companies to ensure that they are leveraging the technology at their disposal to maximise data, automate processes, and find sustainable solutions for sustainable businesses. All of this through RPAs, or Robotic Process Automation tools.

Benefits of Using Automation Tools

Improve sales and service performance

Reduce distractions and conflicts

Boost morale

Reduce staff turnover

Increase efficiency

Reduce error rates and delivery risk

Lower cost to company

Extend the lifespan of your existing technology and improve business processes

Maximise technology functionality