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An innovative eLearning college that offers the right online courses to you and your employees while adding value to both your lives and your business’.

eLearning college

OTT University


Did you know that employees who feel that they are growing with your company are more likely to become your brand ambassadors? It makes them happier, more productive and sees them putting newfound skill sets to use for your business. This is why upskilling your teams through an eLearning college, for example, is so important. It maintains company culture, boosts morale, and grows your business.

But, upskilling doesn’t come without its challenges. It can be an expensive undertaking and often sees employees focus being split between work and learning. This is particularly the case when the skills that they are developing aren’t directly related to the work that they do.

Focussed on Providing Value to Your Business

This is where OTT University comes in. Our innovative eLearning college offers the right online courses to your employees. They add value to both the lives of your staff and your business. Courses and micro eLearning opportunities are specifically developed to complement your teams. Plus, AI technology will recommend the best courses for you and your employees based on your roles, interests and more.

Some of Our eLearning College Courses

Achieve Leadership Excellence

Entry Level Online Course

10 – 130 Hours

Certified Leadership Development Skills

Ideal for team, project or departmental leaders, or leaders-to-be

Develop High Performance Teams

Entry Level Online Course

24 Hours

No Certifications

Ideal for team leaders and team members who want to excel in their positions

Our eLearning College Course Styles

Because everyone learns best in their own way, we offer three different types of learning opportunities:

Guru Training

Available to anybody online, on a global scale. Our eLearning college attracts experts or ‘Gurus’ on various subject matters, and we create courses with them.


Focusing on performance in the workplace. We provide eLearning initiatives that help your employees to excel.

B2B e-Learning catalogue

Over 300 online micro-learning courses. Carefully crafted to enhance the soft skills needed in modern organisations.

Our eLearning College Services, Products & Partners Solutions

Advanced Bespoke e-Learning

We work with you to develop content tailored for your business. This can be an immeasurable asset in training and onboarding new staff members, or implementing new techniques and technologies within your organisation. Work with our eLearning college to develop an excitement for advancements within your business.

CHART Learning Catalogue

With over 30 years of experience, CHART Learning Solutions focus on improving and enhancing teams within organisations, and building leadership skills within your team members. From building common languages within your teams to improve communication, to improving employee accountability through Performance Assurance, CHART is the perfect partner for our eLearning college and your business.

Learning as a Service

Learning as a Service, working with OTT University’s eLearning college, provides a unique offering to businesses. We analyse the way that they do work, and produce courses around it. From analysis and planning, through to media production, design and programming, we ensure that your business has top-quality assets to train and develop your staff members. They are fine tuned and refined to suit your company culture.

LearNex LMS

You know your company best, so who better to put together content for your own unique eLearning college environment than you? LearNex LMS makes this easy with a drag-and-drop style course builder, and a distraction-free learning environment. You can decide what it is that you want your employees to know, and can develop content to keep them engaged with options for quizzes, videos and more.

Guru Academy

There’s nothing quite like learning from experts in your field. Your team members can read all the books that are out there, and still never gain the sense of trust and experience that they can from Guru learning. That’s why we bring experts from a wide range of fields into our eLearning college, to develop custom courses that will help your employees to grow in a more human, more connected way.

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