Biz in a Box

Everything you need to get your start-up company off the ground from a single source. Let Omnitell Tech™ be your go-to in this digital economy.

Startup company

Biz in a Box

Startup company

You’ve spent months and years developing your idea, and your start-up company is finally ready to go live… But where do you start? There are so many needs that need addressing, from registering your business and designing a website, to getting insured, finding the right technology, and finding the perfect office space.

Luckily, Omnitell Tech offers a single solution for all these challenges! Introducing Biz in a Box – our one-stop stop for everything you need to take your start-up company off the ground.

What does it include?


Everything you need for quick, easy and efficient business registration

Essential Service

Affiliate links to banking and other essential services


Your business insurance needs taken care of


Your all-in-one organic digital marketing solution


Bringing your eCommerce store to life organically


Put your product in direct sight of potential clients with paid marketing campaigns

Office Tech Tools

Your all-in-one, integrated, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software

Digital Assistant

Your Virtual Personal Assistant with a handy virtual number to make contact quick and easy


Everything you need from an office space, whether it’s digital, co-work or serviced.


Everything you need to start your company

Quick and easy implementation

Get your start-up company up and running fast

Manage your digital presence

Manage your internal processes