Hyderabad, India, 15th of April 2020

OTT International via its subsidiary OTT India is proud to announce the 51% acquisition of Tech Integra from parent company Xseed.  The business is based in Hyderabad, India and sells ERP to Small and Medium sized businesses in India and the Middle East.

According to OTT India MD Shoukath Khan, “Tech Integra brings an end to end ERP solution to the OTT family that allows us to add more value and give more options to customers looking for an affordable, tried and tested ERP to run its business.  Incorporating the latest technology advancements it brings customers the ability to innovate and set their business up to compete effectively in the market place.”

Through the OTT tie-up, Tech Integra will be made available to more customers and geographies globally.  It also accelerates OTT’s vision of adding new exciting products and solutions to the OTT and Network Company base.