Omnitell Tech (OTT), the company that brings “The Digital Technology of Tomorrow, Today”, has launched its dynamic brand.

Enabling Tech, Innovative Tech, Digital Tech, Future Tech – are all the innovative, modern and inspiring elements that Onmintell Tech represents through its brand.

The OTT Group has seen an incredible growth globally in the past 12 months leading to the launch of the new logo, representing a natural, positive evolution on the brand.

 The new logo is a transformation of a “power button” encapsulating the letters O and T from OTT. 

Experimenting with a new and innovative representation, the background of the power button is not a colour but rather a transparency, something unusual for a corporate logo. The concept is encapsulated well into a modern, minimalistic yet meaningful icon.

At the core of Omnitell Tech is their clients, the organisations across all industries globally whom they help through Cloud, AI, IIoT and mobile technologies to achieve their goals. They felt it was important for the brand to represent who they are for their clients and what their power brings; innovation, forward-thinking and ingenuity.

About Omnitell Tech

With a wealth of combined experience, we help organizations across all industries to achieve their goals through Cloud, AI, IIoT and mobile technologies. With our network of local offices, companies and partners we cover Middle East, Africa, Turkey, India, Latin America and USA.

Publication Relations contact:
Lee-Ann Morgan