Omnitell International is excited to announce Atominos Consulting as the new addition to the Network. As the Digital SI of tomorrow, automation supported by deep learning and artificial intelligence becomes key. Atominos Consulting is a key player in the domain or RPA, Chatbots, IoT and supports ERP Solutions like SAP as well and Celonis to enable their clients for a seamless automation based on improved business processes.

“As Atominos team we come with the years of experience of guiding organizations to implement SAP for transforming the business processes. As the next step for the evolution of the existing systems, we believe it is crucial to improve the business processes with insights into their data and automate business-critical functions with the support of RPA and AI technologies. We are very delighted to join the OTT Network as we believe in the power of collaboration for a fast adoption of new technologies. OTT Network will give us the possibility to expand our services in a wide territory across the globe. I am convinced that Atominos services will add tremendous value to OTT Network ecosystem and customers”

– Irfan Rashid, Managing Partner Atominos

“In the new Era of digital technologies business process automation becomes key for organizations to improve efficiency, reliability and quality of services. Especially post Covid we strongly believe that digital technologies will be required in all industries irrespective of size, segment, and geographies. Numerous brands like UiPath & Automation Anywhere are growing exponentially in the domain of process automation. Data driven process mining like Celonis becomes key to maximize the value of automation on reliable data. With Atominos, OTT Network will be able to support organizations on this journey to excel the business operations supported by cutting edge technologies. We are very glad to welcome Atominos team in our Network”

– Ertan Yorganci, CEO of OTT Network

Vision & Mission.

To provide Quality and Innovative value add services to our customers by the synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to guide our customer in the success journey of Digital Transformation  

We Make Technology Adapt Human

Moving into the new era of technology adapting to the human activities, we deliver some of the key technologies contributing to the new Digital Transformation. It’s time to pull the strings focusing on the robust and rapidly changing technology world. Join and automate your experience

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