Network and Channel

The competition gets tougher every single day, and innovating to ensure you stay on top is nothing short of a must. The program was developed with your business in mind, and built to help you grow with a powerful global network and comprehensive portfolio of technologies.

Network Support

Network and Channel

At its core, a thriving partnership is about making connections. The OTT Channel Partner program connects you to a lot more than our powerful global network and technology solutions. OTT offers you a robust network of support, resources and training to help you and your customers.

These pillars, combined with a strong level of predictability, will enable you to confidently leverage the program as part of your business planning model and accelerate your growth.

Become a Channel

Network and Channel

The benefits to joining a program like this are enormous. Of course, the most important benefit you’ll see is an increase in your sales numbers. More than that, though, you might find cross-selling opportunities you hadn’t previously considered, as well as marketing support many other programs can’t offer. In some cases, you can offer an entire suite of products which may help you increase those sales numbers as well.  

Our Pillars


No Revenue or Certification Requirements
Resell and Partner Services Models
Direct or 2-Tier Distribution
No Geographical Restrictions


Deal Registration with Accelerated Discounts
Deal Registration Protection
Marketing Tools and MDF Funding (TBD)
Sales and SE Incentives (TBD)


Free Training for Account Managers & Sales Engineers
Marketing support
Technical Support
Demo Sessions


High Product Margins
Margin-Rich Professional Services Opportunities
Technology Adjacencies
Lead Distribution

Benefits to becoming a channel partner

Provide a Full Suite of Products and Services

Sell the Latest Technology

Take Advantage of Additional Expertise and Resources

Receive Leads

Free Access to Sales and Technical Training

Lead Distribution

Access to new markets

Technical Support

NFR / Demo Licenses

Joint Deal & Customer Engagement and Support

Joint Marketing Demand Gen. Support

Co-Branded OTT Powered Solutions

How Can We Work Together

One Programme.
Two Business Models.

One Programme. Two Business Models.

Ideal for Resellers and Systems Integrators looking to resell Omnitell Tech exclusive solutions to the end-user, along with your own value-added services.

Ideal for Technology and Software Providers who are looking to provide next-generation IT solutions through our Omnichannel Ecosystem and Subsidiaries.

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