Business Overview:

Currently, the Ministry of Electricity and Water in Kuwait (hereafter referred to as MEW in this document) has two kinds of billing systems to meet its business requirements.


  • Privet sector, DB2 CICS based system: This mainframe system is used for purpose of residential customers (both Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti citizens), investments (apartments), small industrials, some farms, commercial (shops etc.), Services (hospitals etc.)
  • Public sector, VB6 based system: This system is mainly used for the purpose of customers like governmental/industrial/farms, chalets and embassies (Billing started from the year 2000 and payments started from the year 2002)
Business Challenges:

Client had Challenge to manage multiple systems and faced huge data issues due to delta data changes or creation. This had resulted in Huge data inconsistency which resulted them to replace their existing system with a integrated solution.

Solution Components:

Solution provided to replace the current IT system which bills 500 000 consumers having both electricity and water meters and to cover the following functionalities:

  • Meter reading, billing , invoicing, printing, move-in, move-out (SAP/ISU)
  • Customer services, activity management, contract management, marketing (SAP/CRM)
  • Call centre (Cisco system)
  • Accounting, payment, Credit Control (SAP/Financials)
  • Plant maintenance and Asset/Material maintenance (SAP/ERP)
  • Reporting (SAP/BI)
  • Interfaces (SAP/PI)

Client’s review towards this solution had made them get entire billing engine accurate and solution to their gaps in integration(of legacy systems).