Global Partnership Network

OTT strives to build power partnerships with simple, value-based, and profitable opportunities through their global partnership network programme.

OTT Global Partnership Network Programme

Global Partnership Network

Creation is an act of collaboration. OTT’s Global Partnership Network programme is designed to help you make the most of OTT’s cutting-edge solutions. Power partnerships begin with simple, value-based, and profitable opportunities. Whether you are an integrator or a distributor, our global partner network is designed to give you access to innovative technologies, providing you with the solutions and support you need.

Why Consider A Global Partnership Network?

Global Partnership Network

By reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) and accelerating time to market, OTTs Global Partnership Network Programme enables businesses to differentiate their offerings and boost revenues. A constantly changing industry makes it difficult to stay on top. In light of the constant evolution of distribution channels and changing consumer trends, it is imperative to keep a streamlined approach to remain competitive. This is why OTT is composed of independent, like-minded networks that have partnered together for the creation of an open framework for the development of high-performance digital solutions. As a platform for collaboration and innovation, the OTT Global Partnership Network Programme combines technology and innovation to provide a 360-degree approach that promotes digital transformation while maintaining a competitive edge.

Our Pillars






  • PStandard and Deal Registration Discounts
  • PDeal Registration Protection
  • PFree Access To Sales and Technical Training
  • PLead Distribution
  • PNo Geographical Restrictions
  • PTechnical Support
  • PNFR/Demo Licences
  • PJoint Deal and Customer Engagement And Support
  • PJoint Marketing Demand General Support
  • PSales and SE Incentives (TBD)
  • PNo Revenue or Certification Requirements
  • PDeal Registration with Accelerated Discounts
  • PFree Training for Account Managers & Sales Engineers
  • PHigh Product Margins
  • PDemo Sessions
  • PDirect or 2-Tier Distribution
  • PMarketing Tools and MDF Funding (TBD)
  • PAccess to New Markets
  • PTechnology Adjacencies
  • PCo-Branded OTT Powered Solutions

How Can We Work Together

One Programme.
Two Business Models.

One Programme. Two Business Models.

Ideal for Resellers and Systems Integrators looking to resell Omnitell Tech exclusive solutions to the end-user, along with your own value-added services.

Ideal for Technology and Software Providers who are looking to provide next-generation IT solutions through our Omnichannel Ecosystem and Subsidiaries.

Interested in being a part of the OTT Global Partnership Network?

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