Business Overview:

Currently, Federal Electricity & Water Authority (hereafter is referred to as FEWA) was established in 1999 under the Federal Law No. 31 of 1999 to carry out the duties assigned by Ministry of Electricity and Water in achieving several objectives.

Its Main objective is to cater the needs of Electricity and potable Water for the population of the Northern Emirates.

To achieve this main objective FEWA has to create a balance between the cost of production and the distribution price in consideration with unifying the existing variable pricing strategies, study the consumption behaviours and create awareness to overcome the waste of electricity and water by consumers.

FEWA also has to develop and improve revenue collection processes. One of its objectives is also to provide qualification and training to the citizens making them able to work in FEWA.


Business Challenges:

Client had Challenge to manage multiple systems and solve data issues due to data changes or creation. This had resulted in Huge data inconsistency which resulted them to replace their existing system with a integrated solution.

Solution Components:

Solution provided to support the current IT system which bills 5 regions having both electricity and water meters and to cover the following functionalities:

  • Meter reading, billing , invoicing, printing, move-in, move-out (SAP/ISU)
  • Customer services, activity management, contract management, marketing (SAP/CRM)
  • Accounting, payment, Credit Control (SAP/Financials)
  • Reporting (SAP BI/BO)

Call centre productivity improved through increased first call resolution, increased customer authentication using IVR, and increased self-service.

Improved visibility into customer Behaviour.