Want to know the secret to effective digital transformation? It starts with changing how you sell. Changing your marketing and sales processes is the only way to transform your organization, driving meaningful, positive change.

Changing your sales and marketing processes to allow more products and services to be available through digital channels is where you will find the most value. That is what your customers expect.

The importance of digital transformation during Covid-19

The coronavirus epidemic has led to a dramatic increase in online shopping for goods and services because human interaction is limited. And there is no going back. Businesses have no choice but to embrace the world of eCommerce and digital marketing if they want to retain their customers.

COVID-19 has given businesses an excellent opportunity to commit to digital transformation, focusing on sales and marketing.

The trend has accelerated because buyers or sellers have no choice. You ignore the changes in buying behaviour of your customers at your own risk. And what customers want and expect from service providers and retailers has changed, sometimes in unexpected ways.

At the beginning of the closure, some large companies were worried that profits would fall due to limited customer face time. But the opposite has happened, and it is because of technology that supports this shift to online digital marketing. Those who are more invested in technology reap the most rewards.

Why some companies failed in meeting customers’ expectations and needs ?

In recent years many digital transformation projects have failed because the interventions targeted the ‘easy stuff,’ reinforcing existing infrastructure with new tech as an example.

This simple intervention doesn’t produce a large amount of new business if not fully integrated into your organization. Digital transformation positively impacts interacting with your customers and providing them with a seamless buying experience.

Technology helps businesses to work faster and react more responsively. Those who put that effort into the organization’s sales end, where the rubber meets the customer’s road, make it easy to change quickly and adapt to a shifting world.

Customers are happy; the business is growing and achieving effective alignment within the organization. It is easy to attract buy-in and company-wide support when sales are growing and revenue is up.

When you start with the sales end of digital transformation, you reach maximum organizational integration. Managers understand that more sales and bottom-line improvements are in line with their strategy.

If you use technology correctly, all customer interaction gives you the ability to understand their wants and needs, allowing you to do a better marketing job. When you start focusing on your customers across all channels – including eCommerce and your traditional trading channels and partners with vendors and other digital marketing channels – there is much data to be processed and understood. Managing and interpreting this data is where artificial intelligence (AI) works best and can bring measurable results.

The requirements for a successful implementation of digital transformation in sales

Successful businesses will excel in three areas:

1. The use of analytics and AI will draw market insights, including customer behaviour.

2. That information enables companies to design and customize an appropriate product offering at a reasonable price for each customer.

3. This process gives you the ability to access and communicate with customers wherever you are and whatever method they want to buy, which is now more complicated with eCommerce and digital channels.

The most effective organizations will continue to invest in data and continue to improve their sales and marketing processes, not just drop new tech into the problem. This lack of integration often creates channel conflicts and mixed messages and antagonizes loyal buyers.

COVID-19 has broken the barriers and shown what the future can bring. It broke the old paradigms and allowed businesses to devote themselves wholeheartedly to digital transformation, focusing on sales and marketing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are definite steps to go through to enable this process and become a better-targeted business and ensure a prosperous future as soon as possible.

OTT Digital should be your first step to exploring this new world.