Digital and social selling have gained rapid acceptance with consumers across the world. With so many people turning to online sales, brands and service providers must invest in a digital sales strategy to sell products online effectively.

Digital marketers are keenly aware that online purchasing begins long before a prospect becomes a customer. Social media, paired with quality content and reliable branding, is critical for companies looking to succeed in the online world. 

Why is a Digital Sales Strategy Key

In 2020, the total amount of internet users exceeded 4,6 Billion, almost 60 per cent of the global population, as found in a report by Statista. For the majority of us, we are never very far from our devices. Being in near-constant contact with the internet, we are also constantly engaging with the products and services available to us. To be successful more and more companies have taken advantage of this connected society by investing in their digital sales strategy.

With close to 67% of the buying journey online, it is only a matter of time before businesses evolve accordingly. Offline marketing strategies are playing a lesser role in the overall marketing mix. To be successful in 2021, companies need to align their sales process with their online customers’ needs. The key to developing a best-in-class digital sales strategy isn’t just a pretty website but a well-crafted digital brand that speaks to target customers in a meaningful way.

If you want to develop a clear and coherent digital sales strategy, you need to start with the essentials of what makes digital and social selling successful. Here are three places to start;

Optimise Your Online Sales Funnel

An online sales funnel, a term used by digital marketers describes a customer’s journey from initial introduction to a brand through to the point of purchase. Managing your brand’s online sales funnel is an integral part of a successful digital sales strategy, as it provides insights into your customer’s sales process.

By guiding prospects through your sales funnel from engaging opportunities, they can convert into customers, complete a sale, and ultimately produce loyal repeat customers. For digital sales to be effective, the sales funnel will keep customers actively connected to a brand until they decide to purchase. An example of where this has been very successful is in use of neuromarketing to actively target and reach those clients that will buy your product or service. 

The use of a product such as neuro-funnels will keep a prospect’s attention through the sales funnel and keep them aligned with the brand in a way that feels natural.

Content is King

To develop a successful digital selling strategy for your service or product, content is king. Your customers aren’t looking for sales-like content that talks to your product or service; they want relevant information about how your brand can help make their lives better. High-quality content tells your brand’s story and reinforces how a prospect relates to your brand.

The most valuable content to generate quality leads is content that provides an actionable step and solves a difficulty they may be experiencing. Educational or instructional content positions your brand as thought leaders in your industry, showing how you invested in helping your customers be and do better. Many types of high-value content can be developed as part of a digital sales strategy, including:

  • Blogs
  • Online webinars and events
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Email marketing 
  • Social media content 
  • Videos 

Content sets you apart from your competitors. Content draws new prospects to your online presence and is the first step to engagement. Good content keeps customers coming back, and ultimately, that is what you want.

Use your data to reinforce your Digital Sales Performance

With a vast amount of available data from platforms like Google Analytics and many social media platforms, Digital Marketers now have a fantastic opportunity to gain significant insight into customers’ engagement with their brand and customers’ unique requirements.

Making use of this data can serve to craft a successful digital sales strategy. When you can pinpoint where prospects are leaving your sales funnel, you can analyse and optimise your online sales strategy to improve your brand connection. The most successful digital marketers are investing in acquiring and analysing this data’s power using Business Intelligence tools to understand how prospects spend their time online, use that information to drive engagement and, ultimately, sales.


A strong digital sales strategy starts with a precise understanding of your model customers’ needs, wants, and online habits. Using data analysis tools and social media platforms to develop targeted online sales funnel, you can optimise your digital selling methods to reach new prospects and boost profits.

Using the Neuro-Funnel™  (which is part of our digital services) will produce results right from the first month. We’ll do an analysis of your products, services and potential target clients, and we’ll design and run the campaigns for you to maximise conversions and significantly increase the number of qualified leads and sales your business will get.