Information is a strategic resource; your information systems power the financial and operational integrity of your organisation. Our information technology services ensure that the IT effectiveness of your organisation is continuously improved.

The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. It is essential to get sound business advice to help ensure technology risks are managed.

OTT Technology Advisory is independent of vendors, outsourcers, specific technologies or application packages. We provide unbiased and objective recommendations in the best interest of our clients. However, we do maintain close relationships with major technology vendors, such that we understand their capabilities, services and products and can collaborate with them when this is in our clients’ interest.

Keeping pace with technology and taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technological innovation is paramount to us, but we are also aware of the risks involved and the responsibility at the Board level to control these risks.

With the global scope of many organisations, we are aware of the need to develop innovative solutions that are repeatable. As a global organisation ourselves, we are able to provide global guidance and local support where necessary.

We support our clients by helping them use Information Technology (IT) to achieve their business objectives. It is a “client side” service, based on the provision of independent professional advice, typically to a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or the IT team.


OTT Technology Advisory is basically a client-driven approach with a suite of IT support services including professional advice backed by world-class expertise and in line with the changing technology trends.

A Strategic Technology Advisory helps you:

Develop an appropriate IT Strategy

Align business in line with corporate goals

Invest in and adopt right technology

Deal with ever-changing IT transformations

Stay updated to ever-changing technology trends

Enhance enterprise architecture

Optimise and manage IT costs

Mitigate IT risks and improve control

Assess IT planning and management

Improve logistics and optimise efficiency

An effective IT advisory service and solution in place can keep away your worries about technology integration, thus helping you convert corporate agendas into tangible results with good initiatives, well-defined roadmap and measurable projects.

OTT TAS offers a number of Advisory services and solutions. A sample of our solutions are as follows:

Business Process Re-engineering

Enterprise Data Management

Global Rollout Services

Business IT Roadmaps

Technology Assessment

Value Chain Analysis

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

From planning to execution, acquiring resources, making deployments to defining needs and strategies, the industry has seen major shifts over the years as a result of changing market trends and consumer behaviour patterns. During this long journey, a wide range of transformations took place bringing changes in industry operations and business. Now, it’s the digital trend, driven by a rise in technology advancements in the form of high-end equipment and smart devices. At this juncture, it’s time for companies to think of new business strategies that can give them a competitive edge. And, that’s where ‘Business Process Reengineering (BPR) comes!

Why Business Process Reengineering (BPR)?

Business Process Re-engineering is defined as an approach that organizations adopt to bring overall transformation in their business methodology, making it efficient and modern. This can be measured to restructure formal procedures, change in existing processes and also overall changes in style of functioning and management. BPR is the overhaul and rebuilding of the entire organizational framework for enhanced efficiency and high productivity.

A Business Process Reengineering Strategy helps you:

  • Minimize lead time
  • Improve quality and customer support
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Improve management
  • Enhance corporate strategy
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize performance
  • Automate processes
  • Enhance value

While business process reengineering is crucial to organizational growth, most businesses believe that reengineering is limited to critical business application engagement or application upgrades. Even though this process is important for survival and business continuity, it is highly impossible to frequently upgrade or improve existing work practices. While some smart businesses invest time and resources in process re-engineering, lack of a systematic approach and the inability to engage different system infrastructure can result in added burden.

    Enterprise Data Management

    It’s no doubt that data is a common global buzz word. Continuous industry evolution driven by digital transformation efforts gave a new meaning to the concept of ‘data’ across enterprises. And today, we are in a trend where the heart of an organization’s success lies in how ‘data’ is utilized and managed. Almost every firm is already in the run for effective ‘Enterprise Data Management (EDM)’’ strategy. Enterprise Data Management is a holistic approach for effective management of organizational data, which can be internal processes, entities and applications, for an accurate and timely delivery.

    How Enterprise Data Management Strategy Helps?

    A successful Enterprise Data Management Strategy aims to address all data-related concerns within an organization through a structured data transmission/delivery strategy. It facilitates the transmission of different data sets across processes and applications that require these sets to complete certain business processes. Enterprise Data Management Services majorly deals with all software applications and business policies that data flow demands. EDM Strategy is typically applied across a wide range of processes within an organization, in collaboration with different departments such as IT, operations and finance. With a clear-cut emphasis on data, the EDM Strategy checks data granularity and precision to ensure seamless integration and flow across business process.

    An EDM Strategy in place keeps a continuous watch on:

    Following factors describe the success of a Global Rollout strategy:

      • Data Framework and Architecture
      • Data Governance
      • Data Conflicts
      • Data Flow Across Applications
      • Data Quality
      • Data Policies and Procedures
      • Data Security
      • Platform Requirements
      • Process Consistency
      • Program Implementation
      • Seamless Integration

      What You Achieve?

      With effective management of data, an Enterprise Data Management Strategy helps you achieve following goals that drive your business:

        • Complete Assessment of Enterprise Data
        • Define Scope, Strategy and Objectives for Deliverables
        • Develop Standards, Procedures and Policies
        • Develop Standards, Procedures and Policies
        • Quality in Process and Delivery
        • Planned Investment

        Global Rollout Services and Implementation

        Multi-national Corporations are under constant pressure to maintain a global presence and stay at par with local markets, which happens to be the reason behind their market dominance over small and medium enterprises. And, they wouldn’t achieve this without technology, which is today key to establishing and driving a brand’s success and goodwill. In an IT-driven world, it has to be noted that usage of right technologies is as important as using them in a strategic manner.

        Besides technology, meeting global standards and maintaining brand recognition are also key to an organization’s success.

        Those with disparate business applications across their locations will need a common network of infrastructure and applications.

        This continues to be a gap in many organizations, especially among those with wider presence. Global Rollout strategy could be a one-stop solution for all these challenges, if you are in the pursuit for growing beyond boundaries. What Makes a Successful Global Rollout?

        Following factors describe the success of a Global Rollout strategy:

          Identify Complex Areas: Key hurdles for global rollout come in the form of two complex areas: Deciding on expansion ‘at a go’ or ‘sequentially’ and ensuring product/service adaptability to local markets. Assessing these factors is important for a successful global rollout, as both demand additional efforts and expenditure.

          Let First be the Best: Let your first attempt be the best making the job easier further for future strategies. Quality of the initial step decides the success of the global rollout strategy. So, make a confident move!

          Localization is Important: While initial steps are important, they cannot necessarily be complete or perfect all the time. So, there should be room for localization, where modifications to the plan can be made depending on the area of implementation.

          Set Practical Goals: Global rollouts often lead to high expectations in the market. So, it’s important to be practical in setting goals as part of the global rollout strategy to manage with expectations and transparency.

          Communication Framework: Communication plays a very key role in making global rollout a grand success. As the process involves moving in and out beyond boundaries, strong communication has to exist between central and local teams.

          Centralized Information Centre: An information centre that acts as a centralized collection of data and documents, with accessibility to relevant teams, is important for seamless communication across the process.

          Channelized Flow: Since two different (central and local) teams work in the process, there needs to be a well-defined channel for escalation and addressing issues in a timely manner. This boosts the communication between the teams and eases overall flow.

          Aftermath: Post rollout is also important for the success of the global rollout strategy. In fact, this defines the success of the entire process in terms of end experience, business continuity, productivity, etc.

          Business IT Roadmaps Solutions

          Given the fact that technology is driving business all across, a Technology Roadmap or IT Roadmap stands at the heart of any business success.

          An IT roadmap drives business strategy and sets business priorities for organizations in terms of vision, garnering resources, instigating investigation and monitoring the future progress. However, the rapidly-changing business scenario has brought a lot of change in the way IT roadmap is designed and executed.

          Now, IT Roadmap is something that offers a well-structured visual platform as a combination of strategy, planning and information coordination put forth by related stakeholders associated with the organization.

          How About OTT IT Roadmap Consulting?

          A well-defined roadmap paves way to draw more value out of business operations. However, with the pressure fast-changing market trends present, organizations hardly have any time to chalk out an ideal infrastructure and application environment.

          If you are stuck in this never-ending cycle, get in touch with OTT Technology Advisory! OTT engages in several analysis sessions, where it learns the ins and outs of your existing infrastructure framework and with key stakeholders to understand the organization’s vision and growth plans.

          Based on this summarization, our experts:

            • Identify gaps and requirements
            • Develop technology leadership
            • Prepare strategy and planning
            • Define scope, boundaries and priorities
            • Create a long-term, scalable roadmap
            • Create a long-term, scalable roadmap
            • Ensure business continuity
            • Bring in new technology
            • Upgrade software
            • Specify technology drivers, alternatives and targets

            Technology Assessment Consulting Services

            Technology is no doubt a key element of every industry today. Considering this fact, it’s important for every firm to enhance its technology portfolio to stand in competition and win the race further. While the market offers a wide variety of technology solutions, finding the right one continues to be a serious challenge for many firms. But how do you do that? Information Technology Assessment is the answer!

            Why Technology Assessment?

            The first step in finding a technology that matches your business interests is ‘Assessment’. Assessing one’s own capabilities is imperative in every case, and the same is with Technology. Getting a right technology solution in house needs an in-depth assessment of the existing technology portfolio part of your corporate strategy. We call it ‘Technology Assessment’. Technology assessment is key to sustainability and maintaining adaptability to the changing trends. This might often result in increasing investment, expanding infrastructure, adding new deployments and enhancing other important assets. Hurdles do exist, but it all depends on how you plan and execute.

            OTT Technology Assessment Consulting Services does a complete analysis of your IT environment and come up with what fits your organization and business goals. With a complete set of recommendations, we offer you a well-defined roadmap for your business growth in line with your business requirements.

            OTT Technology Assessment in place can help you:

              • Analyse Existing Capabilities
              • Identify Focus Areas
              • Map Required Resources
              • Enhance Technology Landscape
              • Define Technology Road Map
              • Set Business Objectives
              • Align IT Initiatives
              • Strategize Business Plans
              • Analyse Competition
              • Expand Portfolio
              • Revisit Regulation and Compliance

              Value Chain Analysis Services

              Technology advancements made tasks easier for companies, enabling them to deliver more value in a short time. This gave them an opportunity to design, build and develop models and react to the changing demands faster than before, thus having more time- to- market. However, the entire process often incurs costs to result in a competitive advantage to any organization. This is where you need ‘Value Chain Assessment’.

              How Value Chain Assessment Helps?

              Value Chain Assessment is key to the success of any firm with the process extending across all stages of the software life cycle. It is typically a process performed to analyse the value delivered to finally achieve optimized delivery with reduced costs. A clear-cut understanding of value-chain means gaining an overall knowledge of the company’s financials, consumer & supply base, processes and organizational strategies. This definitely needs to be looked upon in a multi-angle perspective.

              A perfect value chain assessment helps you identify the critical path and gives you a complete assessment of your organization’s delivery mechanism!

              OTT follows a different approach in delivering its Value Chain Assessment services. We first analyse the internal activities of your business and identify critical areas of focus to cut down costs and bring out the potential value offerings in your process chain that make the difference. We identify areas and activities that respond positively to the change in order to improve your overall profitability and efficiency.

              OTT Value Chain Assessment reviews:

                • Current status of the business
                • Business Partners
                • Value Stream Analysis
                • Possible and Potential risks
                • Non-value-adding elements
                • Scalability of Supply-Chain
                • Evaluate Changes and Plan of Action
                • KPIs: Baseline, Standards and Goals

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