About Us

A great company is made of people with diverse backgrounds and common goals.

Our organizational model is a “Holonic” system:

An organisation in which the Group of Companies, each with its own autonomy, express distinctive competence in the scope in which they operate; an adaptive business model capable of gathering all the intelligence present in its network to recombine into a new form and release the greatest possible value to meet the specific needs of our customers.

At Omnitell Tech we expand and complete our offering through participation in third-party companies with a high professional value that allow us to achieve greater territorial coverage, supervision of specific expertise as well as vertical markets.

Our Values

We are Responsible

Social, Environmental & Economic Responsibility

We are Diverse

Cultural Diversity, Global Presence & International Standards

We are Courageous

We are Courageous

We are Committed

Honesty & Ethics & integrity

We are Innovative

 Innovation, IPs, Our Org structure & operational model

Our Pillars

Our Comitments to:


Passionate about our customers’ success, delighting them with the quality of our services.

Our People

Helping our people to grow, enabling individuals to make a difference and teams to win.


A distinctive investment delivering outstanding performance & superior returns.


Social, Environmental & Economic Responsibility


Exemplary governance & ethics wherever we are.